New Southampton pressure group calls for an NHS dentist for everyone

New Southampton pressure group calls for an NHS dentist for everyone

With stories coming out about people performing DIY dentistry at home or having to pay large sums and go private in order to get essential treatment or medication, a local campaign group, Toothless in Southampton has formed.

The group has come together in response to growing difficulties people are having in accessing NHS dentistry.

The British Dental Association has described an ‘exodus of dentists’ from the NHS and a ‘crisis in patient access’.

A spokesperson for Toothless in Southampton said: “We are a group of campaigners, from different backgrounds, who want NHS dentistry to be available to everyone in Southampton. People shouldn’t have to face the choice of either waiting months for important treatment or “going private.

“Over the past five years, dozens of local dentists have felt forced to leave the NHS, because of unworkable contracts.”

The group will be holding street stalls, publishing information and holding public meetings in order to get their message out and hope to bring about change.

They will be launching their campaign on  Monday 1st August at 7pm, by Zoom, making the meeting accessible to those who may struggle to attend in-person events.

The Zoom link is:

Meeting ID: 886 2458 8149

This will be followed by a street stall on Wednesday 3rd August in Bitterne Precinct, Southampton, from 11am to 3pm. 

If you are on Facebook, you can find the group at:

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