Sally Churchward – founding editor

Sally Churchward – founding editor

I have worked as a local journalist and freelance writer for almost 20 years. I’m passionate about local journalism, and believe it has an important role to play in supporting local communities to grow and develop.

I founded In Common after being made redundant. I didn’t want to stop telling the stories of the people where I lived, so I reached out via social media for others to be involved in contributing to a new website and also for funding, and In Common was born.

We live in increasingly frightening times, and reaching out to build links in our own communities feels like something we can do to help counter some of that. I really hope In Common helps build local communities and also supports the arts and cultural scene in Southampton and beyond. I’ve met so many fascinating people in my job and can’t wait to share more of them with you, through the pages of In Common.

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