Photos: a frosty December morning walk

Photos: a frosty December morning walk

words and photos by Mike Daish.

I woke at silly o’clock on Sunday morning and decided to go see if I could get some nice frosty spiderweb photos. After some coffee and wrapping myself in a decent number of layers I headed off towards Salmon Leap in Totton. 

It was so frosty out it looked like a layer of snow on the ground and trees. Some amazing spikey frost had formed on just about everything. It looked so sharp and yet crumbled with the slightest touch. 

There were not many spiderwebs to be seen until I got to one of the little bridges across the river.

Several stood out really well on the back of a pickup truck and the sides of the bridge had a multitude along its railings.

One poor spider did not make it to cover in time and was caught in its own trap by the ice. 

It is not often I pass Redbridge towers and think that view looks nice, but with the frost layer and the morning light it did make a pleasant view across the water. 

I only saw a few birds out braving the minus five temperature but the few I did see looked lovely in the whiteness and stood out so well. 

Just as I was putting my camera away on the way home I noticed a beautiful little painting hung in a bush, so had to take a snap of it.

Thank you to whomever left it there it put a smile on my face and rounded off a good walk nicely. 


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