Photography for mental health

Photography for mental health

by Mike Daish.

I struggle from time to time with my state of mind and can get quite down and isolate myself . With the isolation and low mood comes a lack of exercise; I stop simply getting outside for a bit of fresh air.

Recently I have started a second Italk course to see if it can help in some way, so fingers crossed.

Photography helps distract my mind from thinking about all the stuff that gets me down. It also it gets me out and about so is a good lead into some kind of exercise, be it walking or cycling . As I am stopping taking photos I don’t really think to much about how far I go and often exceed my target steps/miles for the day.

I always know when I am really struggling when the photography stops. It can be such an effort to just get out of bed some days. I try so hard not to feel sorry for myself but fail badly at times and this gets to me a lot, making me feel even worse. Distracting myself with photography really helps and I do love creating images to share with my friends online via my Facebook page and here, on In Common. 

While out taking photos I nearly always try to say hello to people passing  by and often end up chatting with a few of them. When you don’t see or talk to many people a little chat can be very uplifting. Photography gives me so much more than just images. 

Anyway enough of me talking, here are a few photos from a recent camera walk which was mainly themed on spiders, butterflies and bugs. It is great to stop for a little while and take in what’s around you, the little things that we pass by without paying any attention normally. The little spider sat on a leaf in the morning sun . Details on a meadow flower swaying in the breeze. Bees randomly sat on the grass getting ready for another busy day buzzing about. A beautiful butterfly catching sun rays in the middle of the path. Ladybirds scampering around the bramble searching for a little snack.  An elegant damselfly landing right in font of you as you stand still watching other tiny things . Amazing little drops of water sitting around a spiders web while the spider waits for breakfast to arrive . Last of all a lucky ladybird finding an all you can eat breakfast buffet . 


Hope you enjoy the photos and even me rambling on about stuff.

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