Transgender Day of Visibility clothes swap to take place in Southampton

Transgender Day of Visibility clothes swap to take place in Southampton

People’s Pride Southampton is holding a clothes swap event to mark this year’s Transgender Day of Visibility.

The event will be held on Saturday, 1st of April,  the day following Transgender Day of Visibility,  at Edmund Kell Unitarian Church.

Event organiser Mabel Wellman said: “Reducing clothing waste is really important right now. Tonnes of clothes are threw away each year, filling landfills with synthetic fibres which may never decompose.

“We’re hosting this swap the day after TDoV as an opportunity for trans people to find more clothes to express ourselves and our genders, and get rid of old clothes in a green way. Buying new clothes is very expensive,  so we hope this helps I the cost of living crisis we are still in.

The clothes swap will include LGBTQIA+ merchandise being on sale and badge making. This event is an official fundraiser of Transgender Pride Southampton on 16th September.”

This is the first time People’s Pride Southampton has run a clothes swap but they are no strangers to bringing accessible events to the city. Last year they held People’s Pride Party in the Park a large two-day event, featuring a parade, live bands and much more, and will be bringing the event back to the city in June this year with headliners Hunting Hearts. They also held the city’s first ever Transgender Pride in October, as well as running numerous other community events, holding a weekly stall in the city centre and running a pop-up  and outreach shop before Christmas.


Donations of clothes are very much needed, message People’s Pride Southampton on Facebook or Instagram or email to arrange to donate clothes in advance.

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