What is In Common?

In Common is a news and features site about and for the local community in and around Southampton. It’s said that good fences make great neighbours, but we believe that having a cup of tea and a chat over the fence and getting to know each other is more important than building insurmountable walls to keep each other out.

We want to help the people of Southampton and the rest of Hampshire get to know each other and what’s going on in their local area, to help build ties, make connections, and make this a better place for everyone to live, whether they have had family in the area for generations, or have just moved to the area and want to get to know new people.

We are local people writing about the area where we live, because we care about it. We are volunteers, working for love, not money. We aren’t about writing breaking news stories or clickbait headline to get lots of hits. We want to tell stories because they are important, interesting, valuable. We also want to promote many of the good things in and around Southampton and the rest of Hampshire (Eastleigh, Winchester, New Forest, Fareham, etc). This is why we have dedicated sections focusing on the arts – visual art, poetry, music, books – and also introducing you to the many interesting people and unsung heroes in our community, from volunteers to roller derby racers.

We want you

We also want you! Regular writers and photographers are very welcome to join the team, and we also welcome one-off submissions. Please visit our contributor page, get in touch for editorial guidelines and to discuss how you can be involved.